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Tech Valley High School Code of Conduct

In order to comply with the Education Law requirements relating to establishing a Code of Conduct for the Tech Valley High, the TVHS Operating Board designated the Questar III Code of Conduct Policy as applicable to the Tech Valley High School, supplemented by the following expectations for conduct desirable to enhance project­based learning at a school located within a business setting. Such expectations shall be in addition to, and not in limitation of, provisions of the Questar III Code of Conduct Policy.

Students, personnel and visitors must be respectful of the business setting of the school and must exhibit conduct generally expected in business settings. In addition, students must refrain from:

  • Interacting, contacting, or communicating with CNSE or U Albany Campus personnel unless directed otherwise;

  • Interrupting CNSE or U Albany Campus functions;

  •  Attempting to enter or actually entering any areas of the building or property not designated for TVHS use;

  •  Lingering in the parking or sidewalk areas;

  • Referencing CNSE or U Albany in any communications — written or electronic — without permission of TVHS.

Students, personnel and visitors at TVHS activities held in other business or public settings must exhibit conduct generally expected in business settings. In a project based learning environment, being respectful means fully engaging in learning activities in a cooperate manner.

Individual conduct reflects on the team and the school, and could impact the future of educational opportunities available to other students. As members of project based learning teams, showing respect means allowing everyone to participate fully, listening to others, completing team work in a timely manner and to the best of one’s ability, and allowing the team as a whole to succeed by actively participating in the team’s work.

The full Questar III Code of Conduct is available on­line here.



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