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About New York's Tech Valley

From the invention of the light bulb to the introduction of the nation’s first television station, the region of Upstate New York known as Tech Valley has a distinguished heritage of innovation and technology discovery and development.

Its emergence in the early 21st century as a region of promise and opportunity inspired and motivated the founding of Tech Valley High School, an institution that reflects the innovative, collaborative and creative spirit of the region it serves.

Around the nation and the globe, Tech Valley is recognized for nanotechnology, biotechnology, advanced materials, alternative energy and information technology. With more than $7 billion in investment from public and private sources, the region is leading the state into a bright economic future.

Global technology leaders IBM, GE and Tokyo Electron have located facilities here and SEMATECH, the microchip research consortium, recently relocated its international headquarters to Albany. Small, innovative firms are thriving here too, fed by the energy and entrepreneurial spirit instilled by our fine colleges and universities and nurtured by our incubator and business support programs.

Tech Valley’s rankings as both one of the hottest regions in the country for business expansion and one of the top 25 regions to do business underscore the region’s commitment to creating an entrepreneurial climate in which companies can thrive.

With more than 32 colleges and universities in Tech Valley, the area is well-positioned to provide the broad range of skills and training needed for the educated and technology-savvy workforce of tomorrow.

The creation of Tech Valley High School is a natural extension of this growth to secondary education, applying a regional perspective and business-education partnership to the significant task of preparing and inspiring young people for the fascinating opportunities that lie ahead.


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