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Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Glossary



APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review) - A state-governed process for evaluating New York’s teachers and principals, which was recently modified by an amendment to state education law. Under the new APPR: teachers and principals will now be given a number grade and a corresponding effectiveness rating at the end of each school year, a portion of that grade is directly tied to student performance on state exams or other state-approved learning measures, and district APPR plans must be submitted to and approved by the New York State Education Department (SED).

APPR plan - A specific and comprehensive plan, locally negotiated by each district in New York state and approved by the New York State Education Department, for implementing the new APPR requirements within a school district.
Appeals process A process required by education law and negotiated locally, by which teachers or principals can contest their effectiveness rating.

Benchmark assessment - Tests administered throughout the school year that give teachers immediate feedback on how students are meeting academic standards. Benchmark assessments can be used as a tool to measure individual student progress toward academic goals, and to help teachers identify content areas that need further attention or students who need extra help.

Common core learning standards - New national learning standards, which are gradually replacing the state learning standards that govern what is taught in New York’s public schools.


Conversion - The process by which observation, growth and achievement measures are translated into point scores, and by which those numerical scores are then translated into associated effectiveness ratings using a consistent scale.
Growth model The New York State Education Department’s system for comparing the progress of similar students across the state on state assessments from year to year and assigning teachers a state-provided growth score based on student progress.


HEDI rating - An effectiveness rating of Highly Effective, Effective, Developing or Ineffective given to all teachers and principals in New York state based on the numerical scores they achieve under APPR.

Rubric - A set of consistent criteria and standards used to outline expectations of quality performance and measure success in achieving those expectations. Capital Region BOCES uses the Danielson 2007 rubric to guide evaluation and scoring of classroom observations.


RTtT - (Race to the Top) A multi-billion dollar federal aid initiative to align curriculum, instruction, student achievement and performance appraisal across the nation with the aim of improving the quality of instruction, and increasing student performance and college and career readiness. The initiative, which includes new ways to analyze student data, more rigorous curriculum content, and new regulations governing the evaluation of teachers and school leaders, is the driving force behind the new APPR.

SED - (State Education Department) The New York state agency responsible for overseeing the state’s educational system, including the implementation of APPR and other Race to the Top initiatives.


SLO - (Student Learning Objective) An academic goal for the school year set by teachers and administrators for a group of students that is: specific and measurable, based on prior student learning data and aligned to state curriculum standards. Assessment of student progress toward SLOs is used to determine a student growth score for teachers who are not provided a growth score by the state.

TIP - (Teacher Improvement Plan) A professional development plan provided to teachers rated as developing or ineffective. A TIP includes identification of needed areas of improvement, a timeline for achieving improvement, the manner in which the improvement will be assessed, and, where appropriate, activities to support a teacher's improvement in those areas.


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