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Weather-related school closing procedures



If the weather causes the majority of our constituent school districts to close or if weather around the school causes contiguous school districts to close, it is likely that Tech Valley High School will be closed. In the event of a school closure, local media services will be notified, and the school’s electronic messaging system will also send out a notification. When the school is closed, it will appear as “Tech Valley-Closed” on television. Because of the distance that some students travel, Principal Niedermeier will make a concerted effort to make decisions and notifications early.

If the weather conditions cause a small number of our constituent schools to close, TVHS will most likely remain open. Students from these schools will not be required to come to school, though they will be welcome if parents decide to drive them. We ask that you err on the side of caution when making this decision. If they stay home, these students should log into Echo and complete their classwork.

Because of the logistics involved with transportation to TVHS, when a large number of our constituent schools call for delayed openings, TVHS will call a Distance Learning Day (DLD). If a DLD day is called, a notification will appear on television that says “Tech Valley – DLD.” If this is the case, students should follow the DLD schedule.

If you have any questions about weather-related closures, Distance Learning procedures, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact Principal Niedermeier.


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