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College and career skills

The curriculum at Tech Valley High School develops skills identified by higher education and business leaders as being crucial to the 21st century economy. The outcomes are specifically evaluated as part of student grades.

Tech Valley High School Graduates Are:Tech Valley High School graduates are:

Engaged and self-directed learners. Graduates hold themselves accountable for their education by making personal choices for the benefit of themselves and others. They set goals, manage resources, and create and implement their own learning plans. Graduates have a growth mindset -- they seek challenges, grow from setbacks, and purposefully connect the things they learn to their own lives. Self-directed students are persistent, resilient and able to adapt to changing circumstances.

Articulate and confident communicators. Students engage in discourse, exchange ideas and present information to classmates, faculty, and professionals from academic, business and political communities. By the time they graduate, TVHS students present their work more than 100 times using oral, written, technological, mathematical, graphic, and artistic forms of communication. They can advocate for themselves and be persuasive.

Effective collaborators. Graduates serve as productive members of diverse teams, ranging from their peers, to business professionals, to government officials and other community members. The majority of TVHS coursework is completed through a collaborative process that teaches students how to lead, manage and support team goals. Graduates display strong interpersonal communication skills and demonstrate a commitment to shared and personal success.

Informed and literate technology users. Students design, construct, use, and evaluate appropriate technology that is seamlessly integrated into their everyday learning. They use technology to help them think critically about projects and problems. Students have an awareness and understanding of the region’s emerging technologies, adapt to ever-changing technology platforms, and prepare for technology that does not yet exist.

Global stewards and culturally-aware citizens. Because of the school’s culture of acceptance, students understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, including an ethically-based sense of social responsibility. Students have cross-cultural awareness and experience working with people from diverse backgrounds. They are focused on making their school, communities, and the world better places.

Successful in mastering academic content. Students master and, more importantly, can apply core content at the commencement level as required by the State of New York. Graduates are additionally required to complete four years of math, four years of science, and at least two credits of Mandarin Chinese. Students understand the connections between content areas. When confronted with real life challenges, students pose questions, process information, understand concepts, and develop solutions. They gain experiential learning in careers through an annual two-week internship program that helps them determine their futures.

Tech Valley High School's partnerships with leaders from area businesses, technology companies, higher education and organized labor and government helps foster these skills. The partners were involved in shaping the school and continue to be participants and collaborators in the educational program and are helping develop the project-based learning experiences, in cooperation with educators.


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