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Apply to Tech Valley High

Tech Valley High School offers demanding and rewarding challenges.

Tech Valley High School is a regional public high school that is open to all students at no cost to parents. Students learn through hands-on projects that are based in authentic applications of New York state learning standards.

applying to tech valley high School

TVHS draws from public school districts of Questar III and Capital Region BOCES. Interested students apply in eighth grade and are selected by lottery.

Students interested in Tech Valley High School should contact their home school district middle school counselor. Recruiting materials and applications are available in the right hand column, and paper copies are distributed to every school district in the Tech Valley region.

Requirements to apply

  • Student must currently be enrolled in school and on track to meet all requirements for successful completion of the school year.

  • Student must meet with his/her middle school counselor to discuss his/her application.

  • Student and his/her parent must attend a parent-student information session before filling out the application. The dates for these sessions are listed below.

  • Student must complete the application form and submit it to his/her middle school counselor by a date to be announced in February.

Application timeline

December 2017-March 2018

For families interested in sending students to Tech Valley High School, the first official step in the process is attending an information session.

These events give interested students and their families a chance to meet current students and teachers, learn about the school’s curriculum, and look at the challenges and rewards a Tech Valley High education can offer.

Come to an Information session for the 2018-19 application process.

February 2018:

   A completed and signed application must be submitted to the middle school counselor's office in the student's district of residence.

March 2018:

   Schools must submit applications to TVHS on a date to be announced.

March 2018:

  TVHS will conduct a lottery if the number of applications received exceeds the number of openings.

Late March 2018:

   The names of the students selected in the lottery will be sent to each school district, followed by a letter to each student's parent.


for more information

Check out the brochure in the right column and attend one of our information sessions to find out more about Tech Valley High School.

This packet includes:

  • The middle school guidance counselor recommendation form.

  • A profile of a successful TVHS student, which features information you can use to help assess whether a student has the right characteristics to excel at Tech Valley High.

  • A schedule of our upcoming information sessions. Attendance at one of these sessions by a student and their parent is a requirement for applying to TVHS.

  • An application timeline for guidance counselors, which details the materials that need to be submitted for enrollment.

  • A recruitment letter for parents that can be sent home with students and shared on your website. The information session schedule is included in this letter.


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