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About Tech Valley High School

Tech Valley High School campus

Tech Valley High School (TVHS) is a four-year regional public high school that is built on the principles of project-based learning and collaboration. Students engage in hands-on projects based in authentic applications of New York state learning standards.

The mission of Tech Valley High is to provide a unique, innovative and student-centered educational opportunity, engage students in current emerging technologies and support the growth and economy of the region.

TVHS Quick facts

  • TVHS students receive a well-rounded education that includes art, technology, foreign language, service learning, experiential learning and physical education, in addition to core subjects.

  • Students graduate having met and/or exceeded requirements for New York state Regents and/or Advanced Regents diplomas from their home districts.

  • TVHS has a typical student body that mirrors those of students’ home districts.

  • The education at TVHS is enriched by the school’s partnerships with area businesses and higher education institutions.

  • TVHS is located on SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Albany Nanotech Complex, a world-class global research and development center.

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is the primary means of instruction at TVHS.

Through project-based learning, students collaborate on meaningful projects that require critical thinking, creativity, and communication to answer challenging questions or solve complex problems.

By making learning relevant to students in this way, they see a purpose for mastering state-required skills and content concepts. Students aren’t just assessed on their understanding of academic content, but on their ability to successfully apply that content when solving authentic problems. It expands student learning by preparing them with work habits and character traits needed to succeed in life, college and careers.

TVHS collaborates with public component school districts, higher education institutions, businesses, organizations and government to give its students authentic professional opportunities in the classroom and in the field.

The school partners with regional business leaders to incorporate true-to-life experience into student learning. They serve as guest speakers and mentors, help develop projects, host field work and provide internships.

TVHS also works with a number of higher education institutions so students can pick from a wide range of college credit-bearing courses, and take classes both online and on-site.

TVHS is a joint venture of Questar III and Capital Region BOCES.

TVHS is a nationally-recognized New Tech Network demonstration site. As such, the school hosts educators from around the world for training in project-based learning and the teaching of 21st century skills. TVHS supports schools in their implementation of student-centered teaching and learning environments.

TVHS is...

...a small school. TVHS currently serves approximately 140 students across four grades.

... free to all students. TVHS is a regional public high school supported by area schools, businesses, and the state.

... project based. Every subject is taught through project-based learning that engages students in every facet of their education.

... designed for collaboration. Break-out space was built into the TVHS facility with collaboration in mind. Whiteboards, projectors and monitors are found in every classroom, hallway and foyer.

... student-centered. Students at Tech Valley High take an active role in their own education, working with teachers in a professional collaborative environment built on two-way communication.

... built with partners. Dozens of higher education and business partners volunteer in the school and host students for learning opportunities alongside experts.

... technology-focused. TVHS students are provided with a laptop and wireless presentation technology is integrated into every classroom and break-out space.


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