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News from the 2009-10 school year




Faculty trio to present at elite Gates meeting  (06.30.10)


TVHS to host robot rodeo (06.29.10)


Attend TVHS, earn college credits   (06.28.10)


Final e-news of 2009-10 school year sent out today (06.24.10)


Regional business leaders gather at TVHS (06.23.10)


TVHS students prepare for China (06.22.10)


School closed Thursday AM (06.23.10)


Digital creations brighten hallways (06.22.10)


Regents exams are underway (06.18.10)


Junior to work in high-tech industry this summer (06.17.10)


Not baaaadddd. Students are successful in goat effort (06.16.10)


Getting a clear picture of water filtration (06.15.10)


Channel 13 reports on TVHS junior's summer job at Momentive. Click here for the story on their site. ((06.15.10)


Click here for a field day photo array  (06.14.10)


Students honored for hard work, dedication (06.14.10)


State-wide news show highlights Regent's preparation at TVHS (06.14.10)

Students stage Chinese 'Star Search'  (06.14.10)


Students complete year with charity drive (06.10.10) 10)


Some students prove 'handy' at art  (06.10.10) 0.10)

Students, principal to present at RPI (06.09.10)


Chase earns Elmira Key Award (06.09.10)


Ice cream brings goal closer for 'adopted' Cambodian girl (06.09.10)


Physics lesson has its highs and lows (06.07.10)


From denying cookies for diabetics to building homes, juniors recount their community service (06.07.10)


Envirothon team sets sights on next year


A screaming lesson in physics (06.04.10)


Picnic to culminate the school year((06.04.10)


Nine TVHS students to attend camp in China (06.03.10)


Envirothon team competes in state competition  (06.03.10)


Eat ice cream , buy a goat   (06.03.10)


She wants to be a cartoonist. Learn more about this TVHS junior by visiting her profile. (06.03.10)


Students to perform at Sand Lake Center for the Arts (06.02.10)


Tour draws Cohoes educators, those from outside the region  (06.02.10)06.02.10)


Good deeds of TVHS students chronicled in Columbia Paper (PDF) ((06.02.10)


Chinese Regents exam not found on state menu ((06.01.10)


Dance videos showcase student talent, fitness ((06.01.10)





Despite enrollment drop, outlook bright for TVHS, Times Union reports (PDF) (05.31.10)


View the Courier's coverage of the design expo (05.31.10)


Filtration project floats solutions to need for water (05.27.10)


Click here for a Regents exam schedule (05.27.10) .27.10)


New video highlights TVHS learning (05.27.10)


Envirothon team heads to states next week (05.26.10)


More learning from home planned for students next year (05.26.10)


Dancing their way to fitness (05.25.10)


View a state-wide publication's latest coverage of TVHS (PDF) (05.25.10)


`Adopted' Cambodian girl continues to benefit from TVHS students (05.24.10)


Operating Board to meet (05.24.10)


Final study tour is planned for Wednesday (05.21.10)


Faculty pair to train teachers nationally next month (05.20.10)   


Students 'brush up' on their Chinese (05.20.10)  


Chinatown trip enriches learning for students (05.20.10)  


Test garden grows, students learn((05.19.10) 


Please remember to vote ((05.18.10)


Jrs. and sophomores aid Carroll Hill Elementary students in bid to raise awareness about diabetes (05.17.10)


This project truly 'measures' up  (05.14.10)


Students to aid youths in diabetes walk (05.14.10)

Art and history combine in film project (05.14.10)


Not necessarily 'short and stout', these tea pots still provide a lesson (05.13.10)

Check out Channel 6's coverage of TVHS (link goes off-site)  (05.12.10)


Students to head to Chinatown on Friday (05.12.10)


Xena (not the warrior princess) is the latest student to be profiled  (05.12.10)


Students 'move and groove' to fitness (05.11.10)


Xena (not the warrior princess) is the latest student to be profiled (05.11.10)


Want information on the 2011 trip to China? Follow this link. (05.10.10)


Chinese summer camp information is now available (05.10.10)


Music brightens 'techno days' at TVHS  (05.10.10)


Junior from Niskayuna earns Sage award (05.06.10)


Check out the Courier's coverage of the winning Envirothon team (05.06.10)

Junior from Schoharie earns Sage award ((05.05.10)


Students to learn how well their Chinese 'apps' worked in China  (05.04.10)


Students visit RPI, other colleges (05.03.10)


First-ever Engineering and Design Expo on tap at TVHS (05.03.10)




Students beautify UAlbany campus (04.30.10)


View Time Warner's segment on TVHS hosting the South Dakota educators (04.30.10)


Check out the flyer for Tuesday's design expo (PDF) (04.30.10)


Publication hails TVHS location, offerings (04.30.10)


Artist seeks to add "pow" to student presentations (04.30.10)


Students beautify UAlbany campus (04.30.10)


Check out the Courier's coverage of MHT filming a documentary at TVHS (PDF)  (04.29.10)


Check out the Courier's coverage of the virtual dissection lab (PDF) (04.29.10) 


Businesses, donations fund new design lab  (04.29.10)


South Dakota visit concludes (04.28.10)


Check out the Troy Record's coverage of TVHS (04.28.10)


Click here for a photo essay of the South Dakota visit (04.28.10)


A full line-up of activities planned in coming weeks (04.27.10)


Father teaches son, class about power grid, project management (04.27.10)


South Dakota educators continue studies at TVHS ((04.27.10)


College cleanup moved to Thursday (04.26.10)


South Dakota educators begin two-days of studying at TVHS (04.26.10)


Junior among the highest PTSA scorers nationally (04.26.10)


Envirothon team emerges victorious, advances to states (04.23.10)


First-ever science and design expo planned for May 4 (04.23.10)


Juniors to install work at Children's Museum of Science and Tech. (04.23.10)


Dam project follows struggle for power in 20th century (04.23.10)


Check out the latest article on TVHS' administering of the CRWA (PDF) (04.22.10)


South Dakota educators to learn at  TVHS on Monday, Tuesday  (04.22.10)


Sophomores, juniors to hear college presentations (04.21.10)



Students to show stewardship of the environment (04.21.10)


Students create virtual dissections for those opposed to, unwilling to dissect animals (04.20.10)


Next study tour is April 28 (04.20.10)


With an eye on Asia, juniors sculpt for Chinese class (04.20.10)


State-wide paper reports on TVHS' Wi-Fi bus  (04.19.10)


Documentary on TVHS being filmed ((04.19.10)


Sophomore's love of books praised on newspaper editorial (04.19.10)


Check out Channel 6's segment on TVHS  (04.16.10)


New trip to China planned for TVHS students  (04.16.10)


Notice: Asbestos abatement planned for room near TVHS (04.16.10)


Students to get into "The Spirit" of things  in early May (04.15.10)


Blood pressure, pulse reveal more than health in this class (04.15.10)


Paper reports: TVHS leads reform movement (PDF) (04.15.10)


As reported on Channel 6, students say new college readiness assessment was excellent (04.14.10)


Feedback from China: TVHS project a success (04.13.10)


As reported on NPR, TVHS partners with area school district (04.13.10)


Tech Valley tries new test to gauge student college readiness (04.12.10)


TVHS shoots for the century mark on Facebook (04.12.10)


"Sweet" project shown in newspaper (PDF) (04.12.10)


Junior highlighted in Spotlight Newspaper (PDF) (04.09.10)


Critiquing takes on a class-wide meaning (04.09.10)


Check out this coverage of TVHS giving back; study tour success also reported (PDF) (04.09.10)


College visits planned ( (04.07.10)


Picturesque scene for science project captured in newspaper photo of TVHS students (PDF)  (04.07.10))


Students, taxpayers win through donations (04.06.10)


Freshmen orientation day is scheduled for April 24  (04.06.10)


Sophomores plan trip to China .... town  (04.05.10)


WiFi bus a hit with students (04.02.10)


Chatham Courier reports on TVHS teacher (PDF) (04.02.10)


Newspaper reports on Hudson River project (PDF) (04.01.10)


Spring print newsletter is now available (04.01.10)


The April TVHS student profile subject likes stem cell research and  rock music  (04.01.10)


Business, elected, school officials seek answers from TVHS (04.01.10)





These presentations were 'the bomb' (3.31.10)


Students create video DNA presentations (3.31.10)


Parent fights for the right for child to attend TVHS ((PDF) (3.30.10)


These skits will be 'The Bomb'   (3.30.10)


Amsterdam-area business, elected and school officials to seek answers from Tech Valley High (3.30.10)


Albany Business Journal reports on TVHS' leading role in preparing region for technology based future ((03.29.10)


'Walk in the park' offers lesson in physical education, art (03.29.10)


Officials, operating board look to the future of TVHS (03.29.10)


TVHS showcases budding success at STEM expo (03.26.10)


Lesson sinks to new depths  for science research (03.26.10)


Planning a trip to China and need help? TVHS has an 'app' for that (03.25.10)


Chatham Courier reports on tomorrow's STEM presentation by TVHS (PDF) (03.25.10)


Tour draws faculty, business executives and college reps  (3.24.10)


Operating board to meet on Thursday (3.24.10)


Students to prep state education leaders for trip to China (3.23.10)


Sophomores talk biogenetics on WRPI (3.23.10)


Teacher presents to national science teacher group (3.23.10)


Students strike a pose (3.22.10)


Next study tour is Wednesday (03.23.10)


Students impress at G.C. School Board's gathering (03.19.10)


TVHS to host college information night (03.19.10)


Making sense(ors) of science and the river (03.19.10)


South Dakota school officials to visit TVHS next month  (03.18.10)


Contingent to present at G.C. School Board's Association  (03.18.10)


Check out the Chatham Courier coverage of the math-golf course  (03.18.10)


Never Again project forces students to examine human rights in the world (03.17.10)


Students to create virtual art show from real creations

NTN visit reviews, compares and contrasts TVHS  (03.16.10) 


The Chatham Courier reports on the Global Foundries visit (PDF) (03.16.10) 


The Register Star reports on the DNA project (PDF)  (03.16.10) 


Students donate 700 articles while competing to be charitable (03.15.10) 


Lottery done, freshmen selected (03.12.10) 


TVHS: Let them eat Pi  (03.12.10)


TVHS to exhibit at STEM Expo (03.12.10)


Students, lawmakers meet to discuss TVHS (03.11.10)


Celebration opens the world to TVHS  (03.10.10)


Students to lobby lawmakers  (03.09.10)


Competing to be charitable (03.09.10)


Applications in, lottery is set for March 12 (03.08.10)


Students to hear from Taconic researcher (03.08.10)


'Creative' educators tour TVHS (03.05.10)


Math lesson is a hole in one  (03.05.10)

Junior serves on Guilderland budget committee (03.05.10)


Students get their mission: Educate 'us' for a China trip (03.04.10)


Chinese New Year celebration is Friday evening  (03.04.10) 


TVHS students 'crack the whip' in Cohoes math class (03.03.10) 


Counselor, colonel describe the life of returning soldiers  (03.03.10)


BOCES leaders: Replicate the Tech Valley High School model  (03.02.10)


Application deadline extended (03.02.10)


TVHS students make Algebra interesting for Cohoes counterparts (03.01.10)




Freshmen visit RPI lab (02.26.10)


Powerful presentations a 21st century skill (02.26.10)


Chinese celebration rescheduled (02.25.10)


Learning Chinese through art  (02.25.10)


Check out the Courier's article on and photo of the soldier project (PDF) (02.25.10)


Schoharie - TVHS bus becomes a moving classroom  (02.24.10)


Check out the Times Union's coverage of TVHS' poets  (PDF) (02.24.10)


First study tour draws a crowd, three more scheduled (02.24.10)


Regional poetry competition brings out the best in TVHS students (02.23.10)


One- and two-hour delay schedules have been revised. Check out the new schedules (PDF) (02.23.10)


State-wide publication reports on TVHS' unique telecommuting days (PDF) (02.23.10)


Students show Chinese smarts, teamwork on bus ride (02.22.10)


View the Columbia Paper's coverage of TVHS and our projects (PDF) (02.22.10)


Eating their way to a prosperous prom (02.19.10)


First in series of professional development tours scheduled for Tuesday (02.19.10)


Prominent area veteran to talk about impact of war on soldiers  (02.19.10)


RPI doctoral students help TVHS students learn 'green' science (02.17.10)


Students eat cake, hear about emergencies in J-term finale (02.17.10)


Students to prepare educators for visit to China (02.16.10)


Test will gauge students' 'real world' knowledge (02.16.10)


Check out the Register Star's coverage of TVHS' collaboration with partners (PDF) (02.16.10)


Links with partners key to the education of TVHS students  (02.12.10)


Check out the Columbia Paper's coverage of the Hudson Information session  (02.12.10)


Prospective students tour TVHS  (02.11.10)


Check out the Courier's coverage of TVHS' unique J-Terms (PDF) (02.11.10)


Operating Board to meet on February 18 (02.11.10)


Global Foundries executives visit TVHS  (02.10.10)


Students to create podcasts on biogenetics (02.10.10)


Districts opt to send more than one student per grade to TVHS  (02.09.10)


As reported on WGY, Global Foundries executives to visit TVHS  (02.09.10)

J-Term projects highlighted in Columbia Paper (PDF) (02.09.10)


Students learn about sustainable energy from business owner (02.08.10)


Juniors investigate: What cost of war is borne by soldiers?   (02.08.10)


Juniors ace English Regents in what is the latest proof of the success of TVHS  (02.05.10)


More than 40 attend final regularly scheduled info session (02.05.10)


An artful education at TVHS  (02.05.10)


Albany, Schenectady chambers to visit, hear from TVHS students (02.04.10)


Final information session is tonight (02.04.10)


Study tours provide a perfect professional growth opportunity (02.03.10)


Haiti relief effort raises $310, more fundraising planned (02.03.10)


Students showcase what they have learned (02.02.10)


Last two regularly scheduled information sessions to be conducted (02.01.10)


Teams target student improvement (02.01.10)




Hudson information session rescheduled for Feb. 9 (01.29.10)


J-Terms boost student knowledge of the 'real world' (01.29.10)


Information session in Hudson will be rescheduled (01.28.10)


Board meeting cancelled (01.28.10)


Statewide school publication reports on TVHS project  (scroll to page 8) (PDF) (01.27.10)


Monday information session draws a record turnout  (01.26.10)


No, it's not like CSI  (01.26.10)


Preparation underway for Chinese  New Year celebration (01.25.10) 


Operating Board to meet on Thursday (01.25.10)


Student, principal appear on Forum 13 (01.25.10)


Take a look at these stories, photo that appear in the latest Chatham Courier (01.25.10)


Next distance learning day is Monday at TVHS (01.22.10)


Tour stops include TVHS on Monday, Hudson on Thursday((01.22.10)


Watch TVHS on Channel 13 this weekend (01.22.10)


Students take the lead in the classroom (01.20.10)


Students raise funds for Haiti (01.19.10)


Information sessions continue (01.19.10)


Proctor's project débuts (01.15.10)


As reported on WTEN, information sessions draw crowds (01.15.10)


Check out Principal Liebert's live appearance on WTEN talking about recruiting (link takes you offsite) (1.15.10)


Check out the massive Times Union photos of TVHS artists at work at Proctors (PDF) (01.15.10)

The Chatham Courier reports on TVHS' excellent Regents scores (PDF) (01.14.10)  


Check out the Columbia Paper's coverage of TVHS' poets (PDF) (01.14.10)


Show on area radio stations highlight's important role of TVHS (01.11.10)


Information sessions begin this week (01.11.10)


Students to install art work at Proctor's (01.11.10)


J-Term projects to broaden student horizons (01.08.10)


Students talk about current biotechnology events (01.08.10)


CBS 6 takes viewers on a virtual tour of TVHS (link takes you to their website) (01.08.10)


Check out the Chatham Courier's coverage of the meeting with Sen. Breslin and of the information sessions  (PDF) (01.08.10)


Hear about TVHS on WGY, other area radio stations this weekend (01.06.10)


Information sessions to begin next week (01.06.10)


Study tours resume in February (01.06.10)


Check out this coverage of a Chinese fashion shoot - PDF (01.05.10)


Check out this coverage if freshman learning history through art (01.05.10)


Trio to represent TVHS in poetry contest  (01.05.10)


Recruitment session fliers available (01.04.10)


Check out the Schenectady Gazette's feature article on TVHS -(01.04.10) PDF (01.04.10)


China trip planned (01.04.10)




Proctor's project to début January 15 (12.30.09)


The Times Union reports on the TVHS information sessions (12.30.09)


Check out the Chatham Courier's coverage of TVHS (PDF) (12.29.09)


Information sessions to begin (12.30.09)


Don't forget to become a 'fan' of TVHS on Facebook (12.29.09)


Rat's fundraiser raises green for prom effort  (12.23.09)


Learning history through art (12.23.09)


See the latest report on TVHS (PDF) (12.22.09)


Students help others for the holidays (12.22.09)


Students thank Senator, tour Capitol (12.21.09)


Special tour draws crowd from component schools (12.17.09)


TVHS launches Facebook page (12.17.09)


Chinese project  covered in statewide publication (PDF)  (12.16.09)


Distance learning equals success for TVHS students, faculty (12.16.09)


Students envision Julius Caesar as a street gang thug (12.15.09)


Fashion shoot  frames an understanding of the language (12.15.09)


Check out the latest article on the fantastic Regents results at TVHS (PDF) (12.15.09)


Students to learn from home as TVHS leads the drive to remote learning (12.14.09)


Project shoots to colonize Mars (12.14.09) 


Students prepare for 21st Century Caesar (12.11.09)


Check out Channel 13's coverage of the commissioner's visit (12.11.09)


Check out the Troy Record article on the commissioner's visit (12.11.09)


The Chatham Courier reported on the soldier project (PDF) (12.10.09)


Global Foundries visit rescheduled (12.09.09)


With storm approaching, students turn to weatherman (12.09.09)


Global Foundries execs turn to Tech Valley High (12.08.09)


Debates to focus on biofuels, geo-engineering (12.08.09)


Students excel on Regents exams (12.07.09)


From East Greenbush to Afghanistan with love (12.07.09)


State education commissioner to visit TVHS on Thursday (12.07.09)


The Times Union reports on and runs photograph of the Proctor's project (PDF) (12.04.09)


Please take a look at our latest recruitment brochure and application (12.04.09)


Special tour planned for December 17 (12.03.09)


Art in a different light (12.03.09) 


Searching for an understanding of Chinese (12.02.09 )


Tour draws educators, business leaders; more scheduled (12.02.09)


A direct understanding of Chinese (12.01.09 )


November 2009


Caeser with a twist (11.30.09)


Check out the latest coverage of TVHS at it's best (pdf) (11.30.09)


Students raise nearly $1,000 in the battle against cancer (11.25.09)


First TVHS student body president elected (11.25.09)


Students take first swing at debating (11.25.09)


River Rats night for TVHS (11.24.09)


Check out the coverage of our students studying toxins (pdf) (11.24.09)


Check out the coverage of our students raising money to fight cancer (pdf) (11.23.09)


Students give thanks (11.23.09)


Students to present Stem Cell research to experts (11.20.09)


Students debate 'hot' bioengineering topics (11.20.09)


Check out the Chatham Courier's article on the exposium (pdf) (11.19.09)


Information sessions scheduled for this winter (11.19.09)


Students are above par in teaching disc golf (11.17.09)


TVHS Operating Board to meet on  Thursday. Click here for the agenda. (11.16.09)

TVHS charges forward for state retreat (11.15.09)

Student's question: How toxic is it? (11.13.09)

State school leaders meet at TVHS (11.15.09)


Exposing students to the 'real world' ((11.13.09)


Check out these articles and photos of TVHS  (11.12.09)


Study tour dates announced (11.11.09)


Students prepare for Vet's Day with a play about Vietnam War (11.10.09)


Scientists, TVHS students interact, learn (11.10.09)


Distance learning deemed a success; more days planned(((11.10.09)


Students team up to battle cancer (11.08.09)


Study tour for component schools to be conducted (11.07.09)


Exposiums provide insight into the world of business (11.04.09)


Did you see the Times Union picture of our 'spirited' students? Click here for a pdf of the picture. (11.04.09)


'Beatniks' to host Poetry Paloozza (11.02.09)


Check out the latest Chatham Courier article and photo of TVHS - pdf (11.02.09)


October 2009


The latest print newsletter mailed this week. Click here for a pdf version of the publication. (10.30.09)


Junior 'spies" to hit the streets of Albany on Friday (10.30.09)


Students will stay home to learn on Tuesday (10.29.09)


A letter to parents about influenza (10.28.09)


Students take part in stem cell research  (10.28.09)


TVHS honored by chamber (10.27.09)


Students are designing art fit for a historic theater (10.26.09)


Building a tree to save the environment (10.23.09)


Open house draws a large crowd (10.22.09)


Check out these TVHS students in the Register Star newspaper (10.22.09)


School closing policy reminder (10.22.09)


UAlbany, TVHS explore collaboration (10.20.09)


NYC presentation on TVHS draws packed house (10.19.09)


Students design their knowledge of math (10.19.09)


Communication efforts honored at state convention (10.19.09)


Check out Thursday's Gazette article on TVHS students (PDF) (10.15.09)


DEC representatives 'Skype', discuss Hudson River health  (10.15.09)


Open house planned (10.14.09)


Mark your calendar for these upcoming events (10.13.09)


From East Greenbush to Africa with love (10.13.09)


The Times Union shows TVHS freshmen pair educating educators (PDF) (10.12.09) 


Check out two articles on TVHS in the Chatham Courier (pdf) (10.08.09)


Peer-to-peer learning with a twist (10.08.09)


Media coverage shines light on excellence of TVHS (10.08.09)


Check out the Register Star article on TVHS (10.07.09)


River to whet students thirst for knowledge (10.07.09)


Principal to address state school convention (10.06.09)


Students make learning fun (10.05.09)


As reported on WNYT 13, crime scene at TVHS piques student interest, knowledge (10.05.09)


Check out the latest student profile in TVHS' student of the month section (10.04.09)


Check out the media coverage of the grand opening ceremony (10.02.09)09)


Please read a letter from Gov. Paterson on the success of TVHS (pdf) (10.02.09))


Celebration marks TVHS' new home  (10.01.09)


TVHS named national 'demonstration' site (10.01.09)


September 2009


Don't miss the October 1 grand opening ceremony for the new TVHS (9.30.09)


Teacher's travails make page 1 of state-wide school board publication - pdf (9.30.09)


New to the website: Course descriptions  (9.29.09)


Students teach their parents (9.28.09)


Operating Board tours TVHS, a precursor of the year ahead (9.28.09)


Puccio, Bradt re-elected to TVHS Operating Board leadership posts (9.25.09)


Important dates announced for TVHS parents and students (9.25.09)


Check out CBS 6's coverage of TVHS ((9.25.09)9.25.09)


Grand opening ceremony set (9.25.09)


As reported in the Times Union, dozens from Indiana tour TVHS (9.23.09)


Students flex their way into fitness (9.22.09)


Students watch Obama's Hudson Valley speech online  (9.21.09)


TVHS teacher pulled from farm field trip to witness Obama speech (9.21.09)


The TVHS Operating Board will meet on Thursday (9.21.09)


Art project to put new design on landmark theater (9.18.09)


Check out the latest articles on TVHS (9.18.09)


Sophomores to make plans for an Albany vacant lot (9.17.09)


College representative opens juniors' eyes to future (9.16.09)


Physical Education program rejuvenated (9.15.09)


TVHS wins trio of communication awards (9.15.09)


First week photos are now available by clicking here (9.11.09)


Sophomores, juniors return (9.10.09)


Business leaders welcome freshmen  (9.09.09)


Freshmen class photo is available (9.09.09)


Freshmen enter educational odyssey (9.09.09)


Students to return with staggered schedule  (9.08.09)


What is the official TVHS school day? (9.08.09)


Planning to visit the school? Read this first (Pdf) (9.08.09)


Tours shine light on new TVHS (9.04.09) 


Orientation, opening day scheduled (9.03.09) 


Click here for Channel 9's coverage of the new TVHS (9.03.09) 


Click here for important letters with back to school and swine flu  information (9.02.09) 


Four faculty members join TVHS ranks (9.01.09)


Open Houses scheduled for 9/3 and 9/4 (8.30.09)


Moving trucks put TVHS on the move ... literally (8.27.09)


Check out the Troy Record's coverage of Tech Valley High School's move (8.27.09)


TVHS is on the move - really (8.26.09)


New school year to bring many changes to TVHS (8.25.09)


Business Journal updates readers on the status of the TVHS move (8.20.09)


TVHS provides H1N1 (swine flu) guidance (8.19.09)


Check out the latest article on a TVHS student (8.18.09)

Move to begin on August 26 (8.18.09)


Construction nears completion on new TVHS  (8.17.09)


Student pair praise TVHS to BOCES employees (8.13.09)


TVHS Operating Board sets tentative meeting dates (8.12.09)


Summer print newsletter now available online (8.11.09)



Three new teachers join TVHS ranks (7.22.09)


Freshmen gather for picnic (7.22.09)


Construction progresses on new site (7.11.09)

Students perform well on Regents (7.09.09)


Business leaders join faculty in planning curriculum (7.07.09)


Teachers to meet with counterparts from across the country (7.06.09)


Business Alliance meets with potential new members  (7.01.09)


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