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Common ground


TVHS junior seeks students' feedback about Common Core

Andreea Musteata

Andreea Musteata


Some 16-year-olds may have been daunted by the thought of serving as student ambassador for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Common Core Task Force. But not Andreea Musteata.

Maybe that’s because the Tech Valley High School junior says as the task force’s newly named student ambassador, she is not the voice of every student in New York state.

She’s not being humble. Rather, she believes her role depends on what every New York student makes of a social media campaign that is being created so they can share their concerns about the state’s education system.

“It will be based on what the students make of it,” Musteata said. “The main goal of the task force is to review the implementation of the Common Core. They want to get feedback from across the state — not just one person. There is no way I could represent students from everywhere. This is not for me to tell the state what I want Common Core to be; it’s for all of us.”

As student ambassador, Musteata will lead efforts to engage students across New York  through social media. In addition to her digital outreach, roundtables with students will be held to discuss ideas. Musteata will later present that feedback to the task force.

“There are teachers on the task force to give input, and the reason I’m there is so students can have input about changing Common Core to make it better for everyone and more useful.”

Here’s how students can share their thoughts and ideas: At Andreea’s suggestion, the governor’s office has launched a new Instagram account @studentsofnys. The concept is based on Humans of New York; students are asked share selfies or other photos of themselves, write a couple of sentences about themselves and then anything they want to write about Common Core.

“I’m mainly looking for specific suggestions. Something like, ‘I don’t like Common Core’ isn’t going to change much. But if they have specific complaints and experiences, that’s what they should share. We want students to be honest.”

“I’m going to create presentations based on all of the entries. I will be looking at trends, so I’m looking for a big volume of entries,” she continued.

If students aren’t interested in sharing their experiences under public watch, they can send a direct message to the account.

“Any student can be a part of this. If a student doesn’t have an Instagram account, he or she can just come to me and I will conduct an interview of any student.”

Chemistry, physics and AP calculus. She also has an internship at RPI to study the mechanisms of aging in yeast.

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