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Year in Review:

Students bring humor to the sciences at elementary school  



Senior Joe Coelho plays the dating game dressed as a banana at Carroll Hill Elementary School

Editors note: This is the fourth in a series of articles highlighting the 2011-12 school year.

One was dressed as a banana while another student fell in love with hydrogen. But all 20-plus Tech Valley High School seniors drew laughs in October from sixth grade students in Troy's Carroll Hill Elementary School as they imparted knowledge about the periodic table.

In a lesson that seemingly could only come from the minds of creative teenagers, the TVHS students taught their younger counterparts about the periodic table by playing "The Dating Game" - a play on the 1970's popular TV game show.

Seniors donned costumes and personalities fitting an element on the periodic table as a classmate introduced them to the bachelor, Lawrence Green, of Cohoes, playing the part of hydrogen, and bachelorette, Kate Berdan, of Schoharie, playing the part of oxygen. The bachelor and bachelorette were looking to "bond" with another element.


Seniors act out a skit in front of sixth gradersAmong the elements represented were calcium, played by Halle Prentice who drew laughs from students when she cried over spilt milk, and potassium, portrayed by Joe Coelho, of Green Island, who paraded into the classroom and the game dressed as a banana.

At the conclusion of the game, none of the contestants won as hydrogen and oxygen bonded - as they do in real life.

In the final aspect of the TVHS students' lesson, the sixth graders received the proverbial icing on the cake. The high school students presented the class with a periodic table made of cupcakes - providing the ultimate end to a sweet lesson in science for the students. 

For the younger students, the lesson was "amazing."

"It was awesome," said Kyle St. Dennis, a sixth grade student. "I want them to come back."

Senior plays Iron

Carroll Hill Elementary School Student teacher John Stiso said he is using the lesson to introduce students to the concept of elements and periodic table.

For the TVHS students, the lesson reaffirmed their knowledge of the periodic table while also including a lesson on teaching and creativity.

In the top photo, Senior Joe Coelho plays the dating game dressed as a banana at Carroll Hill Elementary School.

In the second photo, seniors act out a skit in front of sixth graders.

In the third photo, senior Matt Dooher is the element iron.