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Making Chinese fun 



A girl works on her posterLearning a new language can be daunting. Learning a new language that none of your friends, family members or other associates have ever learned can be downright scary.

For most freshmen entering TVHS, fear is the general consensus as they launch into learning the Mandarin Chinese language and culture. To help them overcome the concern, teacher Sophia Hsia had the students create posters in English and Chinese celebrating the language they will learn and showing why they want to learn it.

The students will spend the next four years learning the primary language of the Chinese population. The school does not offer any other langauge and requires Mandarin Chinese because it is the language of the business world.

"We are creating lifelong learners and the workforce of the 21st century. There is no question that students today will work with and interact with Chinese co-workers or bosses," said Principal Dan Liebert.

Throughout their time at TVHS, the Chinese language students will have the opportunity to go China and Chinatown in New York City, as well as host visitors from a sister school in Tianjin, China. 

  In the above photo, freshman Kaila Schnoop from Hoosick Falls, works on a poster.