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Russians tour TVHS



RussiansGlobal learning took a step forward Wednesday when a delegation of Russian educators visited a class at TVHS where a teacher from Tianjin, China was leading a class of Americans on the finer points of the Mandarin Chinese language.

The scene unfolded as a group of educators from Tula, Russia toured Tech Valley High School Wednesday, spending time with students and faculty and learning about 21st century teaching skills.

The educators toured school's Mandarin Chinese classroom and listened through an interpreter to part of a Mandarin Chinese language lesson being delivered by Ms. Liu Yuanyuan, a teacher from Tianjin High School No. 41 in Tianjin, China, who is teaching at TVHS through an exchange agreement.

TVHS student Isaac Prentice, one of the tour guides for the delegation at TVHS, said the educators asked a number of questions during their 90 minutes at the school.

"They were interested in student life, project-based learning, out holidays. They asked about Halloween and whether they should have that there," Prentice said.

Russians talkinThe tour was arranged through the Tula-Albany Alliance.

The six educators are in the region for several days and as part of the annual visit to the region.

In the top photo, student Isaac Prentice, far left from Scotia-Glenville schools, listens to a question from the Russian educators as they tour the teacher room of the school.

In the second photo, the Russians tour the Chinese classroom at TVHS.

In the bottom photo shows the Russian delegation, their hosts and TVHS student tour guides Isaac Prentice and Rachel Brandenberg, from Lansingberg.



Russians in Chinese room in American school