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TVHS boasts 100 percent graduation rate



Tech Valley High School is perfect - at least in terms of its graduation rate.

Pledge of allegianceWhile the New York State average for students graduating high school in four years is 74 percent, Tech Valley High boasts a 100 percent graduation rate.

"Every student that has entered Tech Valley High School has so far graduated in four years," said Principal Dan Liebert. "That's pretty amazing."

While some may challenge that the exceptional graduation rate is the result of TVHS' population being different from traditional schools, Liebert counters that the school has the same student population as traditional schools. TVHS has a special education population of about 20 percent and the school chooses its students based on a 100 percent, completely random lottery. In other words, any student who applies and is supported by his or her home school district is eligible to enroll at TVHS.

"We are very proud of the fact that we educate the same population of students as other schools. The only difference between TVHS and the schools who supply us with students is the methodology of teaching and the student environment," said Liebert.


TVHS teaches students 21st century skills through project-based learning. This is accomplished through a collaboration between K-12 public schools, higher education, business, organized labor and government.

These partnerships allow the lessons taught at TVHS to be constantly updated to remain relevant to the students; students receive unique opportunities to visit and experiment in laboratories and workplaces; and benefit from access to leaders from all levels of society.

In the top photo, Class of 2012 students say the Pledge of Allegiance at their graduation.

In the bottom photo,  freshman Leah Clifford, of Ichabod Crane, peers through a lens at the school's Exposium to see the impact of a filter, that is being applied by Jesse Fawcett, of Green Island. Looking on is Dennis O'Leary, of Micro-Optical Methods.





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