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More stories about TVHS - September, 2011



Architect aids students in learning (09.29.11)


Register Star reports on fundraiser, start of school year (PDF)(09.29.11)


Operating board sets meeting schedule for the year  (09.29.11)


Senior goes for another writing award  (09.29.11)


WNYT reports on flood change fundraiser (09.28.11)


Students turn to Pulitzer Prize winning author for help (09.28.11)


Study tour series to begin Thursday (09.27.11)


Students, businesses, teachers gather at TVHS  (09.27.11)


Columbia Paper reports on board meeting, Pine Bush trip (09.27.11)


Students collect change for flood victims (09.26.11)


WNYT reports on flood bake sale fundraiser (09.26.11)


College visit draws a crowd, more planned (09.25.11)


The Courier reports on fundraising request, business time being sought (PDF) (09.23.11)


Seniors teach a lesson on lab safety (09.23.11)


Liebert briefs the board on start of the school year (09.23.11)


Profile now available (09.23.11)


Classroom of the future envisioned at TVHS (09.23.11)


Brownies for basements, cookies for clothes (09.22.11)


Quarterly print newsletter is now available (09.22.11)


The Register Star reports on the Pine Bush trip (PDF) (09.22.11)


The Register Star reports on the business assist in the classroom (PDF) (09.22.11)


Business Alliance to meet, discuss curricula of TVHS (09.21.11)


The Register Star reports on the bizarre breakfasts project (PDF) (09.21.11)


The Operating Board will meet on Thursday. Click here for more. (09.20.11)


Columbia Paper reports on the freshmen breakfast project (PDF) (09.20.11)


TVHS earns accolades from state public relations group (09.20.11)


WNYT reports on the technology conference (09.20.11)


Senior pair speak at technology conference (09.19.11)


WTEN reports on the senior winning a MTV award (09.19.11)


PSATs to be offered (09.19.11)


Refugee explains life in Africa, benefits of America (09.16.11)


WNYT reports on Tianjin teacher teaching at TVHS (09.16.11)


The Courier reports on the new school year and changes at TVHS (PDF)(09.16.11)


Senior wins writing award from MTV (09.15.11)


Expert helps seniors write books for underclassmen (09.15.11)


WNYT reports on the STEM Expo (09.15.11)


The Register Star reported on teamwork exercises at TVHS (PDF)(09.15.11)


Students find life and bites in the Pine Bush (09.14.11)


College visits planned (09.14.11)


Chinese teacher lands in U.S. Saturday, now working at TVHS (09.14.11)


Donations sought for TVHS design lab (09.13.11)


Expert to help seniors write manuels for underclassmen (09.13.11)


TVHS showcases project, student life at STEM expo (09.12.11)


Students to learn at Pine Bush (09.12.11)


Grad returns to brief freshmen (09.12.11)


Chinese teacher lands in US Saturday, starts work on Tuesday at TVHS (09.12.11)


Team building brings closeness, familiarity (09.09.11)


The Courier reports on the Taiwanese visit and STEM expo participation (PDF) (09.09.11)


The Register Star reports on the business exposiums (PDF) (09.09.11)


YNN reports on the business orientation for freshmen (09.09.11)


WNYT reports on openning to the school year  (09.09.11)


(Most) students return to TVHS  (09.08.11)


Meet the freshmen class (09.08.11)


Business leaders welcome freshmen (09.08.11)


The Register Star reported on the Taiwanese visit (PDF) (09.08.11)


Read Principal Liebert's column in the Times Union (09.07.11)


New freshmen join TVHS family (09.07.11)


New faculty for the new year at TVHS (09.06.11)


New year brings renewed focus for TVHS  (09.06.11)


WNYT reports on Taiwanese visit to TVHS  (09.06.11)


Check out the latest Courier articles on TVHS (PDF) (09.06.11)


Extensive professional development offered over the summer (09.04.11)


Year in Review: Pine Bush trip provides fertile ground for students (09.04.11)


From Taiwan to Tech Valley High (09.02.11)


Handbook is now available online (09.02.11)


WNYT reports on TVHS' participation in STEM expo (09.02.11)


Tour dates announced (09.02.11)


Taiwan contingent to visit TVHS (09.01.11)


Check out TVHS through the eyes of a student (09.01.11)


WNYT reports on TVHS's participation in the STEM expo (09.01.11)






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