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Seniors build bridges for the future - really



Jackie Hall and another student work on a bridgeWith all of the focus on the collapsing infrastructure of New York State, Tech Valley High School students are taking a look at ways to develop economically and environmentally viable steel truss bridges.

The seniors in Jason Irwin's pre-calculus class have spent the last few weeks using West Point Bridge Designer 2012 Software to create their designs and are now in the build phase of their projects. Students have until Thursday to complete construction of their models.

Irwin said the project tests the students' mathematic and engineering skills. He also noted that the students have several competitions ongoing in their work.

"There are friendly competitions for the most optimal design, the one that satisfies all the design specifications, the one that passes a simulated load test and one that minimizes
costs," he said.

Jackie Hall and Isabelle gerrain

The bridges and many other TVHS student innovations will be displayed at the school's annual Design Expo on May 3.

In the top photo, Kayla Delano, from Hoosic Valley, and Kate Berdan, from Schoharie, work on their bridge.

Below, Isabelle Gerrain, from Coxsackie-Athens, and Jackie Hall, from Hudson, work on their creation.