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Students get animated with technology and art



Jesse Hunziker works on a paper mache piece for his animated film

Students at a Tech Valley High School in East Greenbush are creating animated videos that depict important scenes from history.

The several-week-long project has seen students creating animation shorts using clay, paper mache and a variety of other techniques.

During a recent class period, student Jesse Hunziker created a paper-mache hill scene for a video while in the Design Lab while student Robyn Yonkers meticulously cut out stars for a WWII-era model plane that will be a prop in her video.

The students are working in small groups of three or four to create their films. The work started with the students researching the conflicts and creating story boards of what they will film. The students then created sets for their films using clay, paper, toys and other materials. They are now filming the individual scenes and editing the material into a finished product, said art teacher Ed Coolidge. 

Robyn YonkersJunior Kevin Bates, said he and teammates Seth Miller, Tim Noeth and Hunter Dimin are filming a scene from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor because "the day that will live in infamy" has always interested the members of the team.

Coolidge said the students developed their historical knowledge of the conflicts in Inventing America (IA) Class and used the knowledge they gained from video class to create the storyboards and sets, as well as film the videos.

In the top photo, Hunter Dimin, from Averill Park, works on his paper mache project.

In the bottom photo, Robyn Yonkers cuts stars for a plane.