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Principal to share TVHS success at national STEM event



LiebertTech Valley High School Principal Dan Liebert will present on the successes of Tech Valley High School's STEM - science, technology, engineering and math - classrooms during a conference of STEM innovators this week in Texas.

Liebert, who is serving on an inaugural panel launching a national STEM school leadership network, will present at the leadership's conference this week. The conference opens on June 27 and runs through Friday in Dallas, Texas.

"I have been asked to present on what a STEM classroom looks like and how successful we have been with our STEM classrooms," said Liebert. "It's quite an honor to present to this group."

His presentation is scheduled for late Wednesday.

STEM stands for Science, Technology and Math and STEM has become a key focus of education reformers across the country as educators look to boost student performance in the U.S.

The conference, said Liebert, is a "convening of state STEM networks in order to network the networks nationally. We have been very active in the STEM Smart Alliance and through that role we are active in the national alliance."

 TVHS is one of seven schools that will serve on the panel, he said.

The national STEM panel seeks to promote growth and understanding in the teaching of STEM and to help schools better integrate the STEM curriculum, Liebert said. Specifically, the National STEM School Leadership Network will help schools:

  • Strengthen knowledge and understanding of issues related to the distinct role of STEM school leadership

  • Engage leaders in networking sessions to access national resources and research-based practices that are currently being utilized nationally

  • Provide an opportunity for school leaders to participate in high quality professional development within a STEM learning community

  • Ultimately, the network will enable the rapid transmission of innovation throughout the country

"Prominent organizations across the country are taking action to respond to the changing demands of the 21st century and are hailing STEM as an imperative for all students," materials from the STEM network state.

Assistant Capital Region BOCES District Superintendent Kathryn Gerbino said the national STEM initiative follows the statewide initiative that TVHS has been an integral part of.

"It's a natural outgrowth," she said of the new national participation.