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More stories about TVHS -February, 2012

TVHS, CTL merges Nanotechnology and economics (02.29.12)


Chinese exchange teacher's arrival reported on WNYT (02.29.12)


Graduation date announced (02.29.12)

Nanotechnology professional development offered on Feb. 29 (02.28.12)


Students present new vision for Troy (02.28.12)


New teacher from China joins TVHS family (02.28.12)


Auction raises about $5,000 (02.27.12)

Senior learns, helps poor in Brazil (02.27.12)


WNYT promotes TVHS - attorney project (02.27.12)


The Courier reports on professional development opportunities at TVHS (PDF)(02.27.12)


Students to design a box, animals out of cans (02.24.12)


The Courier previews the auction (PDF)(02.24.12)


Senior offers advice to Germans on language (02.24.12)

Teacher Facebook page promoted on WNYT (02.23.12)


Students to discuss ways to end religious conflict (02.22.12)

The Register Star reports on Canstruction (PDF)(02.22.12)

Professional development fills the seats at TVHS with educators (02.21.12)


Lawyers help TVHS students prosecute despots (02.21.12)


Students develop new design for Troy's Monument Square (02.20.12)


WNYT reports on religion lesson (02.20.12)


The Troy Record reports on TVHS being ahead of the state on teacher evaluations (02.20.12)


TVHS already meets new requirements, offers others help (02.17.12)


Students to design an end to hunger (02.17.12)


The Register Star reports on the Albany Med J-Term (PDF)(02.17.02)


The Courier reports on the Albany Med J-Term (PDF)(02.17.02)


Auction to feature Les Paul, Bo Diddley, Negro League and more (02.16.12)


TVHS teachers launch Facebook page (02.16.12)


WNYT reports on J-Term dance project (02.16.12)


New teacher from China to join TVHS family (02.15.12)


WRGB reports on legislative honors for sophomore, J-Term work (02.15.12)


WNYT reports on legislative honors for TVHS student  (02.15.12)


Students tour Catholic Church, mosque in search of answers (02.15.12)


Students, faculty organize cancer-fighting team (02.14.12)


Lunch and Learn leads to knowledge, fun (02.14.12)


Student's J-Term project is reported on by Times Union  (02.14.012)


Juniors create 'historic' films (02.13.12)


Students to go hungry for a cause (02.13.12)


WNYT reports on TVHS offering professional development (02.13.12)

Students learn how to make money in theater (02.12.12)

TVHS shares best practices with Schenectady teachers (02.10.12)


Student creates dance video for school project (02.10.12)


The Register Star promotes an upcoming study tour (02.10.12)


The Register Star reports on students doing laser surgery (02.10.12)


Students tour religious locales in search of answers (02.09.12)


Lunch and Learn is tomorrow (02.09.12)


The Register Star reports on J-Term completion (02.09.12)


WNYT reports on Strawberry DNA project (02.09.12)


The Columbia Paper reports on the dance fundraiser (02.09.12)


The latest tour of TVHS is coming up (02.08.12)


TVHS finds out: Ask and you shall receive  (02.08.12)


Prospects tour TVHS (02.08.12)


Senior awarded top scouting honor (02.07.12)


WNYT reports on students taking the CWRA (02.07.12)


Students make a lesson out of strawberries (02.06.12)


The Courier reports on the food drive (02.06.12)


Student constructs solar device for J-Term  (02.06.12)


WNYT reports on student work at Albany Med (02.06.12)


Seniors determine how well school has taught them (02.03.12)


Interest in Tech Valley High School remains high (02.03.12)


WNYT reports on SuperPower trip (02.03.12)


The Register Star reports on the architecture J-Term (02.03.12)


TVHS students study at Albany Med (02.02.12)


WRGB reports on J-Terms (02.02.12)


TVHS students power up at nutrient manufacturer (02.01.12)


Students deliver J-Term findings (02.01.12)


The Spotlight reports on the visit by Tianjin High School 41 (02.01.12)

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