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Next distance learning day is tomorrow



A fourth remote/distance learning day of the school year will be conducted Friday at Tech Valley High School, with students once again staying home to learn.

Additionally, TVHS Principal Dan Liebert announced to students and parents on Thursday that the class schedule for March 18 has been switched to an A Day. The change only affects students.

Through the distance learning program, students log into the school's web portals from their homes and or community libraries.

The innovative regional public high school previously allowed students to stay home in November, December and January, with the students taking classes online from teachers who “manned” their portals and WebPages at the school.

The remote/distance learning days provide an opportunity for teachers to take part in staff development opportunities, while also providing students with an opportunity to show they are self-directed and can manage a certain amount of freedom while still completing assignments and lessons.

During the remote days, students log-on to the TVHS portal at 8 a.m. and review their class calendars. The teachers are available in real-time for questions and clarification from 8 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. Teachers are also available via email until 3 p.m. Students are expected to follow the time requirements posted to the calendars and post individual work in a timely manner.

As schools across the country are challenged to be more fiscally and environmentally responsible, TVHS is accomplishing both these days.

Principal Dan Liebert said remote working is nothing new in the ‘real world’ as employers struggle to reduce travel and travel fatigue for their employees, as well as create flexible work environments. By conducting periodic distance learning days, TVHS hopes to teach students the importance of self-direction – a key 21st century skill. It will additionally allow TVHS teachers an opportunity for personal growth as they use the time when they are away from their computers and students for in-service training.


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