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Designing a lesson in art, music on a computer



Working  with the CNC machine

When you think of school art, you typically think of the traditional - painting, sketching and molding.

At Tech Valley High School though, students are developing interpretative artwork that will be "printed" - really cut and molded - out of a state-of-the-art computer numerical machine tools (CNC) machine that reads computer programming to produce what the students intended.

The project being worked on currently in Ed Coolidge's Art and Technology Class involves students creating abstract art based on a song that they like.

"They must design an abstract composition based on a song of their choice, design it using software, model it and create it," said Coolidge.

The CNC machine

Once the artwork is "printed out" on micro-density fibreboard, the seniors will assemble their pieces for display later this spring, Coolidge said.

In the top photo, TVHS senior Lisbeth Kelly, from Ichabod Crane, works on her design.









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