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Students turn to LA for art lesson



Freshmen at Tech Valley High School will get their next lesson in art from Los Angeles.

While it is generally understood that the way to understand art is to see it close up, it is also a reality that a field trip to Los Angeles is out of the question.

So students at Tech Valley High School are doing the next best thing on Thursday, utilizing distance learning technology to view Chinese artifacts in Los Angeles and learn from art experts about their importance about their significance.

The art pieces are on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and experts there will show them to students at TVHS  and discuss the importance of the work.

"This is an experience we can not provide them with in this region," said Tech Valley art teacher Ed Coolidge.

Coolidge joined Tech Valley a couple of years ago after working in the Los Angeles area. He called upon some of his connections in southern California to arrange for the lesson.

The lesson is scheduled to begin at noon at TVHS.

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