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Onteora school turns to TVHS for assistance



Garth holds court

Several teachers and administrators from the Onteora School District in Ulster County spent part of a school day Wednesday on the other side of the desks.

The three teachers and one principal were guests of Tech Valley High School where they learned from TVHS faculty how the regional public high school integrated project based learning (PBL) into its curricula. They also heard about designing projects that make learning relevant to the students.

Teacher Stacia Snow, who came to Tech Valley High School from the Kingston City School District, is also a trainer and spent Wednesday afternoon with the group, talking about project based learning, community partnerships with businesses and other factors in PBL.

It was the second time a group from Onteora has visited TVHS and Snow said she is Stacia teaching
hopeful that the school will continue to look to TVHS for guidance and assistance.

Tech Valley High School is part of the New Tech Network and the only public school of its kind in  New York State.  As such, it offers training opportunities for other schools looking to adopt parts or all of the 21 century skills and project based learning curriculum the school follows.

In addition to Onteora, TVHS is currently working with a number of schools, including the Albany City, Averill Park, Syracuse and Greenville schools.

In the top photo, TVHS senior Garth Geritz answers questions from Onteora school officials.

In the bottom photo, TVHS teacher Stacia Snow talks with the teachers and administrator.








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