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Students present their biodome sensors

Students field a question from Principal Dan Liebert



Sophomores from Tech Valley High School presented their hand-made sensors to school officials, fellow students and visitors during class on Wednesday.

The panels of students showcased how their oxygen sensors worked and how ithe sensors would help astronauts colonize planets. They then fielded questions from  those in attendance.

The sensors were for a project called "Biodomes in Space," which challenged students to design and construct sensors for a hypothetical biodome that could be used to colonize space.

"Oxygen and carbon dioxide must exist in correct proportion to support plant and animal life as we know it. The students' task in this project was to develop a sensor to measure changes in oxygen in a closed system due to cellular respiration," said teacher Diana Weldon. "These prototype sensors may be used by scientists to design and sustain a space biodome."

"It was a lot of fun to work on such an interesting project," said one student.

In the top photo, students field a question from Principal Dan Liebert.

In the bottom photo, students explain their sensor to a peer.

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