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Loose change adds up for Cambodian girl relief effort

A picture of Davy on a collection can



The loose change of Tech Valley High School students is adding up to meals and education for a Cambodian family.

For the second consecutive year, students at the regional public high school are raising funds for 11-year-old Davy Seab from the poverty ravaged, war-torn country.

"So far (this year) we have raised more than $73 just in loose change. That's a lot considering its only been loose change so far. We are currently planning new fundraisers to make the money necessary," said student Annmarie Pryor, of the  Wynantskill School District. The students, members of the Key Club, have set a goal of $288- which would be enough to pay for food and education for the girl for a year

Last year the students not only collected the necessary $288, but raised additional funds that were used to purchase a goat for the family.

The students are working on a slate of fundraising activities scheduled for later this year that will help them meet their goals for the Cambodian girl.

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