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Students teach parents about technology 

Teacher talks to a parent



TVHS students became teachers for a couple of hours on September 24.

The students led an information session on the school's technology for their parents, guiding their parents through the steps necessary to track how students perform and even how they do their homework.

The evening session was overseen by TVHS faculty, but it was the students who did the work, showing their parents how the school provides up-to-date grade information for parents online, how to access those grades and how to access other information about students and the school.

Through the school's website, parents can log into portals and access information on their student's grades, schedules, classes, homework assignments, and activities.

Students also use the portals to access their homework assignments and projects, communicate with other students and perform virtually all of their work. 

The event was open to all parents of TVHS students.







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