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TVHS named national 'demonstration' site

TVHS students tour the school with monica martinez



Already a destination for inquisitive educators in the Northeast, Tech Valley High School will soon be drawing interest on a national level.

The New Tech Network (NTN), previously known as the New Tech Foundation, designated TVHS a “demonstration site," a move that raises the prestige of the school to a national level. TVHS is now one of 15 such demonstration sites in the country and the only one in the northeast.

“You will be a referral site for schools on the East Coast who are interested in learning more about New technology so they too case use the New tech approach to improve learning for their students,” New Tech Network President Monica Martinez said.

“While today is a great moment in the history of Tech Valley and the New Tech Network, our work has just begun. It is imperative that we prepare to answer the urgent national call for education reform,” she said. “President Obama is on record saying students must possess knowledge and essential skills like problem-solving and creating, creativity and entrepreneurship. Not so coincidentally, the president two weeks ago chose the Hudson Valley to launch part of his innovation strategy, which in his words, begin where innovation so often does: in the classroom and in the laboratory.”

The announcement was made Thursday by Martinez at the grand opening of the new location for TVHS. Though she works out of Napa California, Martinez is a frequent visitor to TVHS and toured the school on Wednesday, meeting with students and faculty.

Essentially, the designation means that TVHS has been singled out as a national model to help improve learning for the 21st century. School administrators from around the country looking for an example of the New Tech Network’s practices at work will be referred to TVHS.

The New Tech Network works nationwide with schools, districts, and communities to develop innovative high schools.. The organization helps schools fundamentally rethink teaching and learning, empowering students to become the creators, leaders, and producers of tomorrow.

New Tech is made up of 41 schools in nine states serving more than 8,500 students. NTN advocates:

  • Project-based learning (PBL)

  • A culture that empowers students and teachers. Trust, respect, and responsibility are the hallmarks of our culture.

  • Integrated use of technology. Smart use of technology supports our innovative approaches to instruction and culture

TVHS has been involved with the organization since before the school opened in 2007. Earlier this year, NTN honored TVHS as a distinguished implementation school.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for TVHS,” said Principal Dan Liebert, "and reflects on the fantastic work of our faculty and students during the first two years of our school."



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