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NTN visit reviews, compares and contrasts TVHS

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How does the Tech Valley High educational experience compare with that of other New Tech Network schools?

That is what a coach from the network evaluated while visiting the regional public high school on Monday.

Megan Pacheco met with faculty and students, asking questions, sitting in on lessons and generally evaluating what takes place in at Tech Valley High on a day-to-day basis.

"She will let us know where we are doing something that is unique and rewarding for the students and where another New Tech school may have a better idea for reaching the students," said TVHS Principal Dan Liebert.

TVHS is one of more than 40 New Tech Network schools across the country and was designated last October a demonstration site for the Napa, California-based organization. The school regularly draws visits from business leaders and educators across the country and last year was designed   

The focus of Tech Valley High School is to provide an education on 21st Century Skills in a project-based learning environment. This is accomplished through unprecedented collaboration between K-12 public schools, higher education, business, organized labor and government.



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