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Senior Profile: Farzana "Moshi" Musomi

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Class of 2017


Home district:
Hudson City School District

Post-graduation plans:
Moshi will enroll at the University at Albany to major in Public Health.

how did Tech valley help shape your future?
Tech Valley allowed me to experience different opportunities such as I-Term. This past year, I completed my I-Term at the American Cancer Society, where I dove into my interests in the public health field. In the past, I believed I wanted to go into medicine, but I-Term helped me decide that route wasn’t for me. I realized that I care more about human interaction than medicine. I like to think of myself as a caring person and I like giving people more than they think they deserve. I can attribute that to our school culture. It’s a tight-knit community, where the students and staff members are allowed to have a one-on-one connection. Having those kinds of connections helped cultivate the kind of person I am today.

What skills did you gain by coming to tvhs?
Tech Valley definitely helped me develop my communication and collaboration skills, and showed me how to be independent even when I’m in a group setting. I feel that this is so important in the real world. I expect that when I go to college, I’ll come into contact with a lot of people my age who don’t have these skills. I look forward to teaching them and showing them a different approach to learning than the standard way most people learned in high school. The environment here also taught me how to step back and see the bigger picture, because there’s more to a person than just first impressions.

What are your favorite memories of Tech Valley High?
One of my favorite memories was getting ready with my best friend to go to prom last year. My next best memory was my I-Term experience with American Cancer Society. It felt more like a dream job I imagined doing day-to-day, rather than an internship for two weeks. I was a little sad when it was over, but I hope I can get a similar experience when I’m in college.

Senior Share:
I come from the small city of Hudson. We have a large Bengali community, and every year I help organize the annual Bangladeshi Cultural Fair. This fair includes dances, music, food vendors, and emphasizes the Bengali culture. The event allows parents to feel nostalgic about their home country and allows the younger generation to experience where their roots are from. Coming from such a rich background allows me to have a unique personality and create strong family bonds. I want people to know that about me.


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