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Senior Profile: Domonique Fiddemon

Girl with dark hair wearing a black top



Class of 2017


Home district:
Troy City School District

Post-graduation plans:
Domonique will enroll at the University at Albany to major in Psychology.

What are the most important things that you will take from TVHS into your next steps as an adult?
I learned how important it is to work with other people. You may think it’s better to do things on your own, to do projects independently, but when a group has goals, you need to work together and communicate properly. I have a better ability to lead people to collaborate effectively and communicate my thoughts in a way that people can understand.

What were the highlights of your experience at TVHS?
I got pushed out of my comfort zone a lot, which didn't happen prior to coming here. I went to school with the same people through grades K-8. Coming here, I met people I wouldn't have met otherwise. I had to adjust but I still did really well. It made me grow. If I didn’t have this experience, I’m not sure if I would be able to effectively work with people in college the way I can now.

Any advice for underclassmen?
Make the most of situations because everything here has an opportunity to learn and grow. When things seem bad, turn it into an opportunity and make the best of it.

What are your favorite memories of Tech Valley High?
I made a lot of good friends. I will always remember a sleepover we had at my house. We deep-fried foods on my back porch. We tried deep-frying Kool Aid, pickles, shrimp and ice cream.

Senior Share:  
I love to bake in my spare time, especially specialty cupcakes. My favorite are cookie dough-filled chocolate cupcakes with brown sugar frosting.


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