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School Physicals


New York State Education Law requires that all children attending school in New York State have a physical examination at the following secondary education levels:

All new students who are entering a new school from another school district or state or country. This applies to all new students and freshmen at Tech Valley High School.

  • Tenth (10th) grade.

If your child has had a physical in the past year or you plan to have your child examined by his/her doctor, please have the have a physical form filled out by the doctor and returned to school (a copy of our form is enclosed…your doctor may use his/her own, however). If a current physical, and an immunization summary is not on file in the health office prior to September 31, per New York State policy, your child cannot attend school until this has been provided. A school physical can also be scheduled at your child’s home school.

Additionally, a law was recently enacted that expands health screenings to include the dental health of students in New York State. Each district will now require a dental certificate as well as a health physical at the above grades. Enclosed in this packet is a sample dental certificate available for you to bring to your child’s dentist. You do not need to schedule a dental exam if your child has been seen within the past 12 months.

Please return all completed paperwork to the school as soon as it’s completed.

Please call with any questions or concerns!



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