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Collaboration and Innovation

Teacher Michelle Sweeny assists a student.

Collaboration and innovation is an integral part of Tech Valley High School and one of the most unusual elements of the school.

Collaboration is sustained through an unprecedented partnership of stakeholders: K-12 educators, higher education, business, organized labor and government. This partnership helps assure that the school continues to evolve as the region evolves and remains dynamic and on the cutting–edge.

Innovation pervades the school:

  • In teaching and learning which is project-based;

  • In the curriculum which is relevant integrated, active and engaging - and will ideally serve as a model locally and nationally;

  • In the opportunity it provides to observe and participate in actual business work environments;

  • In its ability to enrich all schools in the region as a laboratory for teaching methodology and curriculum.

In addition, Tech Valley High School has been selected as part of the New Technology Foundation network of schools, giving the school access to the collective experience and wisdom of a leading-edge network of schools, so it can use best practices—and help develop and refine promising practices, right here in Tech Valley.

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