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Tech Valley High School students are guided by a drive for innovation, collaboration and success. Faculty members are committed to educating students in a new and different learning environment that inspires exploration, discovery and a passion for learning.

Students learn through project-based learning, which co-mingles various learning disciplines, for example math and science, history and English, Mandarin Chinese and art. Through project-based learning, students not only learn what is required to pass state Regents exams, but also what is required to do well in the workforces and classrooms of tomorrow.

The real-world projects connect learning to each student's course of study and require students learn to work together to complete project -- just as they will someday in the workplace or in college.

Although Tech Valley High School's academic programs and the day-to-day activities of students differ in many ways from other schools, students at Tech Valley High School will earn a Regents Diploma or an Advanced Regents Diploma, and the curriculum meets all New York State learning standards.

Students can also earn college credits for their work at Tech Valley High.

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