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About Tech Valley High School

Tech Valley High School on the CNSE campus

Tech Valley High School (TVHS) is a regional public high school that is built on the principle of project-based learning and collaboration. Students learn in hands-on projects based in real world applications of Common Core subjects.

Located on the campus of the Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute, TVHS is uniquely situated to provide access to technology resources and partnerships that students need to excel in the global economy.

The school partners with business leaders throughout the region to incorporate true-to-life experience into student learning.

In the heart of the region's fast-growing technology sector, TVHS exposes students to aspects of the global economy as it builds on its mission of developing 21st century skills while meeting New York state learning standards.

TVHS is...

...a small school. TVHS currently serves approximately 140 students across four grades.

... free to all students. TVHS is a regional public high school supported by area schools, businesses, and the state.

... project based. Every subject is taught through project-based learning that engages students in every facet of their education.

... designed for collaboration. Break-out space was built into the new TVHS facility with collaboration in mind. Whiteboards, projectors and monitors are found in every classroom, hallway and foyer.

... student-centered. Students at Tech Valley High take an active role in their own education, working with teachers in a professional collaborative environment built on two-way communication.

... built with partners. Dozens of higher education and business partners volunteer in the school and host students for learning opportunities alongside experts.

... technology-focused. TVHS students are provided with a laptop and wireless presentation technology is integrated into every classroom and break-out space.

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